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Domino’s Pizza to help our IBES Teachers!!!!!!


We have partnered with Domino's Pizza in Maurice to raise money for IBES teachers!  The first Wednesday of each month will be dedicated to Indian Bayou Elementary.  We will receive 20% of the proceeds when an order is placed and our school name is mentioned!  These designated Domino days are set for the months of September through May.  100% of the money generated will be divided equally among homeroom classroom teachers.  It will be distributed much like our VPSB allotments.  You will turn in receipts for reimbursements.  Ms. Honey or I will give you more details on how reimbursement will work in the near future.  Ms. Honey will also try to give you a monthly update on how much funds  are collected.  


Domino's has promised that the homeroom class that generates the most funds each month will receive a pizza party for that month!  So when your parents call, tell them to mention Indian Bayou and your name!  


So mark your calendars for the 1st Wednesday of each month..except for January.  That Domino Day will be on January 8 since the 1st Wednesday of that month falls on New Year's day.  


Congratulations !!!!

IBES Teacher of the Year – Mrs. Pam Gyles

teacher of the year

IBES Support Staff of the Year – Mr. Von Thibeaux

Support Staff