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History of Indian Bayou School

History of Indian Bayou School


On March 17, 1966, the following document was read on KROF radio channel for a "Know Your Schools" radio program.

"In 1933, Kathleen Talley, a senior, interviewed an 83-year old citizen, Mr. Thomas Hoffpauir, better remembered as "Uncle Tommy", and from the written record of this interview we learned that the first school originated in the United Bayou Methodist Church. The only book used was the Blue back Speller and the only thing to write on was slates.

Mrs. Dallas Hayes, formerly Dora Hoffpauir, a native of Indian Bayou, now residing in Lafayette, was recently interviewed. She remembers beginning school in 1886, at the age of 7, in a one room building on the present site of the school. However, she had a brother Otis, ten years her senior, who attended school much earlier, thus the possibility of the school dating back to 1876. A Mr. Thomas was her first principal. Later, Mr. Ellis became principal with Mr. Butler as assistant.

The land on which the school is located was donated on April 16, 1886, by Mr. George Hayes, great-grandfather of several of our present students.

Then, in 1901, Dora Hoffpauir married Dallas Hayes. He became principal and she assisted him teaching, he in one end of the one room school and she in the other. Mr. F. G. Cole followed Mr. Hayes, but Mrs. Hayes could not recall any definite dates.

From a personal interview with Mr. A. L. Jones, twice principal of the school, the following information was obtained:

Mr. Jones came from Tennessee with his wife and first daughter, Maxine, to become principal of the Indian Bayou consolidated School in April 1908. He served 7 sessions, during which time there were many different teachers. Some of them he remembers are: Mrs. Ida Ashurst, Mrs. Ione Perry, Raymond Morgan, Yvonne Tilly, Christine Humphrey, Josephine Burt, and Annie Mae Burt.

When Mr. Jones came to Indian Bayou, a two story wooden building had been built in front of the one room school and to the side a stage was added. It was in this building that four of the present Indian Bayou Faculty began their education. They are Mr. Jasper Spell, Principal, Mrs. Jewell Carver, Mrs. Dollie Perry, and Mrs. Iva Meaux.

Following Mr. Jones W. Jones in 1914 was Mr. B. E. Jones. In 1916, Mr. John W. Faulk, a native son, became principal and remained until 1922,at which time he became Superintendent of Schools in Lafayette Parish.

In 1922, a new three story brick building was complete and the Indian Bayou School became an accredited high school with its first class of three graduating in 1923. Mr. Spell our present principal was a member of this class. Mr. C. C. Lewis became the principal of this new high school. Following Mr. Lewis were Mr. Dibble, D. D. Pierce, C. W. Edwards, W. W. Shields, and R. A. Daly respectively. Mr. A. L. Jones returned as principal in 1948. The brick building was condemned, demolished and replaced with the present wooden building. Mr. Jones retired in 1951 and Mr. Noah Langlinais became principal until 1956 when he left and Mr. Spell became principal.

There are a number of native sons and daughters who have taught here, retired, and are still living in or near Indian Bayou. They are Mrs. Mabel Broussard, Mrs. Ida Ashurst, Mrs. Ione Perry, Mrs. Florrye LeDoux, Mr. R. P. LeDoux, Mr. C. L. Boulet, Mr. R. A. Daly, Mr. Honore Comeaux, and Mrs. Dora Hayes. Of course, there are many other than natives of the community who have taught here and served well, but time will not permit naming them. However, we are justly proud of them.

An interesting sidelight is that part of the first one room school is still in the community. This is the story: In 1921 or 22 when the wooden building was replaced by the brick building, Mr. Adolph Morgan bought the one room school building, moved it across the road and made it into a home. Some years later, he sold his place to Mr. & Mrs. Cole Morgan, who tore the building down and built a new home. In it is included some of the little one room school building.

Much more of interest could be added to this brief history of the Indian Bayou School, but time is running out. May we add that history is still in the making, we are adding to the annals, and we hope our additions will be as noteworthy and memorable as the past history."

It has been over 30 years, since that radio program aired. The last wooden building referred to in the above information was built in 1949 and is still in use today. It houses the fifth through eighth grades. Gordon LeDoux, a former Vermilion Parish School Board member has said that the wooden structure used today to house the kindergarten to the fourth grade classes was moved from a neighboring community named Leleux. There are also two small one- room buildings on the school grounds. It has been told that the building that houses the music department was also a school from Leleux. And the one building that is now a storage building was once a school from the Ridge area that black children attended.

Also, since the article, we have added eight additional principals to our list. They include Mr. Adam Sonnier, Mr. Luther Suire, Mr. Randy Schexnayder; Mr. Jimmy Vice, Mrs. Charlotte Waguespak, Mr. Lynn Vincent, Ms. Ellen Arceneaux, and Mr. Howard Guillory our current principal. His appointment began in the 2007-2008 school year.

The most dramatic change happened in 1991 when the school was transformed from a high school to an elementary school.

Past Principals of Indian Bayou

Mr. A. L. Jones 1908 – 1914

Mr. B. E. Jones 1914 – 1916

Mr. John W. Faulk 1916 – 1922

Mr. C. C. Lewis 1922 – 1923

Mr. F. W. Dibble 1923 – 1924

Mr. C. D. Pierce 1924 – 1926

Mr. C. W. Edwards 1926 – 1930

Mr. T. W. Shields 1930 – 1934

Mr. R. A. Daly 1934 – 1948

 Mr. A. L. Jones 1948 – 1951 

Mr. Noah Langlinais 1951 – 1956

Mr. Jasper Spell 1956 – 1965

Mr. Adam Sonnier 1965 – 1979

Mr. Luther Suire 1979 – 1989

Mr. Randy Schexnayder 1989 – 1993

Mr. Jimmy Vice 1993 – 1997

Ms. Charlotte Waguespak 1997-2000

Mr. Lynn Vincent 2000-2005

Ms. Ellen Arceneaux 2005-2007

Mr. Howard Guillory 2007-2012

Ms. Christina Menard 2012-2013

Ms. Phyllis Doguet 2013-2018

Ms. Tara Frick 2018-Present

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