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Students/Teacher of the Month

March Students of the Month: 

March Students of the Month

March Students of the Month

-Pre-K (Mrs. Michelle) – Lena Goudeau (Not pictured)

-K (Mrs. Alaina) – Madison Suire

-K (Mrs. Jena) – Briggs Migues

-1st (Mrs. Aimee) – Valencia Sciara

-1st (Mrs. Molly) – Avery Aucoin

-2nd (Mrs. Holly) – Joncarter Simon

-2nd (Ms. Angela) – Isabella Rougeau

-3rd (Mrs. Mary) – Gracie Seaux

-3rd (Mrs. Tillie) – Jaydan Gomez

-4th (Mrs. Ann) – Maya Chapman (Not pictured)

-4th (Mrs. Pam) – Alayna Suire

-5th (Mrs. Darlene) – Aubrey Rice

-5th (Ms. Jordan) – Claudia Thibodeaux (Not pictured)

March Teacher of the Month:  1st Grade Teacher:  Mrs. Molly Bourque

March Teacher of the Month


February Students of the Month

Indian Bayou Elementary February Students of the Month

-Pre-K (Mrs. Michelle) – Noah Petry

-K (Mrs. Alaina) – Mya Plowden

-K (Mrs. Jena) – Emery Lege

-1st(Mrs. Aimee) – Avery Kober

-1st(Mrs. Molly) – Warren Reaux

-2nd(Mrs. Holly) – Zoeigh Petry

-2nd(Ms. Angela) – Yandy Quesada

-3rd(Mrs. Mary) – Gauge Kline

-3rd(Mrs. Tillie) – Jade Hargrave

-4th(Mrs. Ann) – Hunter Primeaux (Not pictured)

-4th(Mrs. Pam) – Ryleigh Harrington

-5th(Mrs. Darlene) – Brody Broussard

-5th(Ms. Jordan) – Lia Quesada


February Teacher of the Month

Indian Bayou Elementary February Teacher of the Month – Ms. Angela Huval, a second grade teacher


Indian Bayou Elementary January Students of the Month: 

students of month


-Pre-K (Mrs. Michelle) – Riley Brown  

-K (Mrs. Alaina) – Wade Wisser

-K (Mrs. Jena) – Laykin Gaspard

-1st (Mrs. Aimee) – Jolie Peltier

-1st (Mrs. Molly) – Nyla Mouton

-2nd (Mrs. Holly) – Kellan Lege

-2nd (Ms. Angela) – Aiden Faulk

-3rd (Mrs. Mary) – Emma Scroggins

-3rd (Mrs. Tillie) – Lindsey Foreman (Not pictured)

-4th (Mrs. Ann) – Bailee Lavoi

-4th (Mrs. Pam) – Kyla Landry

-5th (Mrs. Darlene) – Lani Romero

-5th (Ms. Jordan) – Lillie Cormier


teacher of month

Indian Bayou Elementary January Teacher of the Month – Mrs. Tillie Richard, a third grade teacher

December Students of the Month and Teacher of the Month:

Students of the Month

Indian Bayou Elementary December Students of the Month

-Pre-K (Mrs. Michelle) – Rhett Gaspard

-K (Mrs. Alaina) – Keaton Maner

-K (Mrs. Jena) – Aiden Young

-1st(Mrs. Aimee) – Owen Mouton

-1st(Mrs. Molly) – Maddon Guidry

-2nd(Mrs. Holly) – Karlie Prejean

-2nd(Ms. Angela) – Kameron Kirsch

-3rd(Mrs. Mary) – Justin Romero

-3rd(Mrs. Tillie) – Ky Corkin (Not pictured)

-4th(Mrs. Ann) – Tatum Roy (Not pictured)

-4th(Mrs. Pam) – Benjamin Monaghan

-5th(Mrs. Darlene) – Brendon Short

-5th(Ms. Jordan) – Kollin Ardoin

Teacher of Month

Mrs. Ann Hargrave


November Students of the Month and Teacher of the Month:

students of month

-Pre-K (Mrs. Michelle) – Jonathan Ramirez

-K (Mrs. Alaina) – Luke Richard

-K (Mrs. Jena) – Isaac Adams

-1st (Mrs. Aimee) – Marissa Prejean

-1st (Mrs. Molly) – Molly Hebert

-2nd (Mrs. Holly) – Jude Richard

-2nd (Ms. Angela) – Cami Romero

-3rd (Mrs. Mary) – Brynn Hollier

-3rd (Mrs. Tillie) – Annalyn Irby

-4th (Mrs. Ann) – Addisyn Lege

-4th (Mrs. Pam) – Shealynn Istre

-5th (Mrs. Darlene) – Graci Primeaux

-5th (Ms. Jordan) – Jax Smith


Indian Bayou Elementary November Teacher of the Month – Mrs. Darlene Hamilton 

October Students of Month

Indian Bayou Elementary October Students of the Month

-          Pre-K (Mrs. Michelle) – Cassidy Dauzat (Not pictured)

-          K (Mrs. Alaina) – Kamille Gibson

-          K (Mrs. Jena) – Emoneigh Istre

-          1st (Mrs. Aimee) – Cameron Alba

-          1st (Mrs. Molly) – Jack Faulk

-          2nd (Mrs. Holly) – Sydney Brown

-          2nd (Ms. Angela) – Nikolaus Richert

-          3rd (Mrs. Mary) – Brock Lopez

-          3rd (Mrs. Tillie) – Aiden Suire

-          4th (Mrs. Ann) – Hunter LeBlanc

-          4th (Mrs. Pam) – Avery Venable

-          5th (Mrs. Darlene) – Jalen Landry

-          5th (Ms. Jordan) – Abigail Duhon


Oct Teacher of the Month Mrs. Pam Gyles (October Teacher of the Month)


Sept. Students of the Month

September Students of the Month


Teacher of the Month

September Teacher of the Month -Mrs. Aimee Patin

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